Properties and benefits of Saturnia’s water

Properties and benefits of Saturnia's water
ph. credits: Ira Protasenko


The waters of Saturnia are famous all over the world for their many beneficial health properties and for their different uses, from therapeutic bathing to ingestion. In this article we will explore the properties and benefits of the waters that supply the Terme di Saturnia and subsequently the Cascate del Mulino, thanks to the Gorello stream.


Saturnia’s water properties

The sulfur waters of Saturnia come out of the earth after an underground journey with a force of 500 liters per second at a constant temperature of 37.5 degrees. These waters, starting from Mount Amiata, travel underground for 40 years, protected by a 60-meter-thick clay cover, and then emerge in the natural spring within the Terme di Saturnia Resort and flow several kilometers through the Tuscan countryside, forming the Gorello stream and the Cascate del Mulino waterfalls.

“Homeothermal sulfureo-carbonic, sulfate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy mineral water” is its scientific name. In the water you can find 2,790 grams of mineral salts per liter and its beneficial properties derive from the presence of minerals, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.


Benefits of Saturnia’s Water

The benefits of the sulfurous water of Saturnia, which flows in purity at Terme di Saturnia are countless: skin exfoliation, reduction of generalized inflammation and joint inflammation, reduction of blood pressure and an increase in pulmonary ventilation are just some of them, resulting from the beneficial action of the water on the respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and digestive systems.


Therapeutic uses of Saturnia’s water

The waters of Saturnia can be useful in case of chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, benefiting the respiratory system. From a dermatological point of view, they can help in cases of psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and acne. They deeply relax the muscles and reduce inflammation in the body, proving useful in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and paramorphism. By promoting circulation, they are also beneficial to the cardiovascular system, helping to treat peripheral vascular disease. When ingested in small amounts on an empty stomach, directly from the source, they benefit and strengthen the digestive system.