One of the most beautiful Maremma villages: Montemerano



Italy is famous for its medieval villages and one of the most magical is located in the Tuscan hills of Maremma. The village of Montemerano, thanks to its ancient walls, squares and churches, transports us back in time to the Aldobrandeschi family. Let’s discover together its history and the places you cannot miss in and near Montemerano.


The history of the village of Montemerano


Montemerano was founded in the 13th century. It was built by the Aldobrandeschi family with the intention of adding protection to their dominion over the castle of Manciano. In the 14th century it was governed by the Baschi family. Later it became property of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany with the fall of the Republic of Siena in the second half of the sixteenth century. Most of the medieval structures and monuments remain intact, as well as the olive trees that surround the village.



What to visit in Montemerano

Discovering the hidden corners and little alleys of Montemerano is an unforgettable experience. In the historic center you can admire the walls, towers and various stone buildings that date back to medieval times. The Walls of Montemerano, which surround the entire village, were built between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Also known as cinte murarie, they are still visible today.


The most important place in Montemerano is certainly the church of San Giorgio. It was built in the late Middle Ages and preserves inside Renaissance works of art, such as frescoes. It also houses the Madonna della Gattaiola, dating back to the fifteenth century, and painted above a wooden door with a hole made to allow the passage of cats.


Continuing the itinerary inside the village we arrive at Piazza del Castello, with its stone houses and its completely medieval structure. Other noteworthy churches are the Pieve di San Lorenzo, the oldest building in Montemerano, and the church of Madonna del Cavalluzzo.


Near Montemerano

The village of Manciano and Saturnia are both quite close to Montemerano. In Saturnia you can visit Le Terme di Saturnia and Le Cascate del Mulino, to enjoy the thermal waters in any season of the year. Pitigliano, Sovana and Sorano, the tuff villages, are also easily reachable.